Why Choose Engineered Oak Flooring Over Other Flooring Materials?

Home decoration is an art. Especially, when it comes to the flooring selection, out of all, the most appropriate material needs to be selected carefully. Just as, we prefer carpeting in case of a kitchen, wooden flooring is taken into usage in case of other rooms like washrooms and others. 
Engineered Oak FlooringEngineered Oak Flooring

Why Engineered Oak Flooring is Much Popular?

There exist a wide number of reasons behind choosing of certain materials for certain rooms. Among all, highly engineered oak flooring is popularly used due to some salient features. It is highly effective in reflecting an impressive impression. It is also available at a cheap rate that provides the same aesthetic look as that of hardwood. 

Ease of Usage – Another Remarkable Feature of Engineered Oak Flooring
Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, oak flooring does not demand covering due to incorporation of a top veneer of oak. In addition, it will be more adaptable to the respective room along with being easy in terms of installation. The engineered flooring has been duly reported to comprise of a lamination of three layers of wood where:
  • Top layer is a veneer of oak
  • Other two layers are manufactured using plywood
As all layers are glued in the best possible manner, this flooring is highly durable one. In addition, it is free from contraction and expansion due to change in climatic conditions like other types of wooden flooring. Ease of usage is another remarkable feature of engineered oak flooring

Easy in Terms of Installation

As they are available in the form of planks, it is easy to install them by simply gluing, stapling, and floating in any desired form. You may easily go through the instructions to get the job done in a right direction. On the contrary, in comparison to the traditional hardwood, the engineered variety is much cheaper and easier in terms of installation. Therefore, you can install them, as you wish. It is easy to handle while installation process. Moreover, engineered wooden floors may be easily installed over concrete subfloor into your basement. 

They have been reported to be sturdy enough in terms of withstanding high wear and tear just like that of solid wood. In case, your flooring becomes stained and marked, it requires sanding down. An engineered oak floor is easy in terms of cleaning. You can carry out varied cleaning options along with a simple wipe with a mop.
Engineered Oak FlooringEngineered Oak Flooring
Cost of Engineered Oak Flooring – Less than Others
You do not even require going with any special type of solution for cleaning purpose. When it comes to cost, engineered oak flooring costs less in comparison to traditional and solid wood. Engineered wood is mostly preferable if you are a budget-conscious person. Along with holding a beautiful cum graceful look, you may prevent unnecessary burning of holes into your pockets.
Unlike other traditional hardwoods, you may easily install engineered hardwood flooring off-grade. Due to natural higher resistance to temperature along with humidity fluctuations, engineered wood can be easily accomplished.

Oak Flooring - Finally an Ideal Choice

As maximum amount of time is spent indoors. Thus, flooring proves to be an important choice. Oak flooring has been the best choice in terms of prevention from allergies and harmful bacteria. It will hardly harbour dust mites and does not trap any dust or fume. As dust mite may lead towards high occurrence of asthma, the matter must be looked in depth.  

According to experts, wooden floors in bedroom and other living areas may contribute in enhancing air quality at the most. Therefore, choosing engineered oak flooring is a great option.
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