Important Things to Know About Continence Products

It is a common problem that one might suffer from poor bladder and bowel control. You do not have to worry as there is a wide range of products that will help you to manage the problem. You will not feel embarrassed if there are any urine or bowel leaks. There are certain products that can be reused whereas other products are disposable. It is advisable to first check the sample product and find out if it really serves your needs. You can get these samples if you contact any reputed company and they will mail you immediately. You will find a different type of products like absorbent pads, that which assist toileting, as well as absorbent bed sheets and chair covers. There are even condom drainage products and catheters for patients. 

The continence products have the instructions mentioned on them as of how to reuse them. There are washing instructions as well as how will you keep them hygienically clean. The preferable thing is that it can be air dried but it is not advisable to put it in direct heat. If the instruction is that it can be used only once, then you have to follow the instruction seriously. 

How to choose the right product?

Continence Products
Continence Products
The continence products can help you to stay both dry and comfortable. You can buy them in either pharmacies, supermarkets or may be wholesalers but you have to choose the right product that will suit your needs. You can take the help of an advisor who can guide you to choose the best product. They will also teach you the ways to use it and how to take care of the products. The best part is that they will constantly keep you updated about the new products that are available in the market. There are different types of continence products available and let us know about some of them and their uses.: 
  • The people who require these continence products may be of different shapes and sizes. There are pads and pants that are specifically designed for men as well as women. They help to protect urinary leakage. It is a very convenient product but may cost you more if you have to use it continuously. 
  • The re-usable pads are attached to some special reusable underpants. There are pants that have built-in pads and can be worn like other underpants. If it is reusable, you can use it maximum for 6-12 months. 
  • The disposable pads can also be worn with stretch net pants. You can wash them many times before you have decided to discard them. 
  • The full-sized pads are available that have all in one pad. It can be wrapped around the body and you can seal it with adhesive tapes. 
  • There are also larger pads that are designed to absorb more urine. They are used for faecal incontinence and have the facility of odor control. It is very important that you use pads that fit snugly. If it does not fit closely then it might leak and cause skin rashes as well as abrasions. 
Continence Products
Adult Continence Products
  • The advantage with continence products is that they have special absorbent material. It can hold varying volumes. There are people who require products to keep them dry overnight.  
  • The waterproof pants are also called as rubber pants that have water resistant material. They can be worn over the cloth diapers. You can also use them over disposable diapers. This is for added leaking protection. These are special pants that can be included with pull on, Velcro or snap on. 
  • The adult diaper is a good disposable product. This is mostly used by those who have absolutely no control over urine and bowel. It is made of cloth like material or plastic waterproof barrier.
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