5 Major Signs Your Car Needs an Alignment

Wheel alignment plays an important role in the performance of your vehicle. Simple potholes, curbs and even regular wear and tear can knock a vehicle out of alignment. It will then soon take a toll on your car’s suspension system and steering mechanisms. And when this happens, your tires and the hands on your steering wheel will feel it. Other than occasional puncture your car can also face major wheel alignment issues that would ultimately lead to uneven braking and strain on the car. It is very important to consider the safety factor too. One faulty wheel alignment can be of a greater risk than you would think of. So how do you come to know that your wheels need an alignment? Once you know the signs and some obvious indicators you will know when to hit the garage!
Wheel Alignment

# 1. Your Steering Wheel is off-center

While driving on a level road your steering wheel should be centered and straight. If your steering wheel is off center by more than some degrees in either direction, it’s not aligned and it is time to have an alignment performed. After an alignment service, your steering wheel be returned to its center and dramatically improve the drivability.

# 2. Steering Wheel Pulling

Like sign one, vehicle pull is another sign your car needs alignment. Cars do not naturally steer off center. Leaning steering in your car is more likely to a sign that your wheels are unaligned. When the wheels are out of alignment you may feel a pull in your steering while driving forward on an empty stretch of road. If you let go of your steering wheel and your car turns to turn off course then you need a wheel alignment!

# 3. Shaking while steering

If you’re driving along the road and your car seems to start shaking when there no unusual road surface or poor pavements, it’s your alignment. Poor wheel alignment can lead to the shaking of your vehicle as the tires are pulling against each other and trying to drive off in opposite direction. This is an extremely dangerous issue and shall be addressed immediately.
Wheel Alignment

# 4. Abnormal tire wear

Tire wear patterns can also disclose a lot about the condition of the car. Tire wear patterns are used to detect guesses about tire pressures, suspension conditions and wheel alignment problems. Tires that are abnormally worn out can be a sign of unaligned wheels. Tire wear patterns such as excessive wear on the inside edge or outside edges of tires can occur when alignment is off. Lack of wheel rotation can also lead to excessive tire wear. Feathering or scalloping of tires are often indicators of toe adjustments. Proper wheel alignment can extend the life of your tires.

# 5. Steering feels loose to handle

Another sign that your vehicle may need a wheel alignment is when the handling feels loose when driving. Poor wheel alignment can lead the car to wander across the road while driving and should be immediately addressed for safety reasons. The usual cause of this is worn out suspension components, or it can also be caused by worn tie rod ends or center link.

Using your car on daily basis even if the car is brand new will cause gradual changes to your car. There is a long list to all the car maintenance tasks that you can do at home regularly but wheel alignment isn’t one of them. Cars need a lot of expert care to run efficiently and smoothly and for this you need mechanics who you can trust. 
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