What are the Pros and Cons of Particle Boards?

Particle boards are mainly made of wooden layers. This is a type of saw-dust board and it clips with each other firmly. You can find many furniture made of particle boards in the market, because it is the lowest cost product and you can carry this board easily. Along with that the longevity of this board is very nice and it is a water resistant product. When you deal with your furniture, you must know about different kinds of woods and steel. Iron and other metal furniture are available at low cost, but the texture of this type of furniture is not as good as wooden texture furniture. So if you want to make your furniture with solid wood then you have to spend much amount and it is impossible to use wood for commercial purposes. So in such cases these boards are the only option which can save your time and money easily. 
Particle Boards
What are the Pros of particle boards? 
  • Ready-made: if you want to buy some designer furniture then you have to wait for a long time because carpenters need to make your furniture according to your requirement. In this case, you can go for the furniture made from this type of boards. Basically particle board is a machine-made product and it does not require any carpentry work. Special skilled mechanic can make this furniture at their warehouse and they also display their items at the local and online shops. So you can easily buy this particle board furniture as ready-made structures and install them in your room accordingly. 
  • Lamination: if you want to make your furniture with plywood then you have to purchase laminate sheet additionally. Else you can use different kinds of polishing on this plywood furniture. But when you make your furniture with particle boards, you need not spend any additional cost for lamination purpose. This board is manufactured with pre-laminated sheet and you can make your furniture with this board and place it in your rooms. It will save your total cost and you can also make your furniture within short time duration. 
Particle Boards
  • Light weight: old-fashioned and dense wood furniture is very strong and heavy weight. You cannot move this furniture by yourself. It is very difficult to relocate the furniture and you cannot clean your surface and wall also. So it is better to use the particle board for your furniture because this is one of the lightest weight products in the market. You can easily move this furniture by yourself and clean accordingly. Along with that, particle boards have excellent water resistance power and you can clean this furniture with soft cotton and little water. 
  • Low cost: particle board is very cheap and you can easily afford it. If you compare the price range with plywood, then you can see that particle board is almost half the price than plywood.    

What are the Cons of particle boards? 
If you want to relocate from your city frequently then you must avoid particle boarded furniture. This board has less thickness than plywood and it can easily be damaged during relocation. Apart from that the longevity of the particle board furniture is maximum 5 to 10 years and if you need to make a solid product, then you must use the denser wood for your furniture. It is suggested to make your wall cabinet and small furniture with particle boards and avoid making large furniture like, bed, dressing table and dining table with particle boards. It cannot support heavy weight things.     

So now you can decorate your home and office with particle boards and it will take fewer prices and save your time also. But before you place your order you must compare the price range of this type of furniture. 
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