The Basic Features Available in a Tractor

A tractor is one of the most commonly used pieces of machinery used in farms all over the world. This vehicle is incredibly powerful and is equipped with large rear wheels. They are used mainly for pulling various farming equipment and, sometimes, even trailers. While it possesses a robust engine, a tractor can rarely move fast. Instead, the power of the engine is used for hauling. However, tractors have several other features. If you are planning to buy one, you need to understand those-

The basic features:

Given below are some of the basic features present in these vehicles. 
  • Diesel Engines: These are more powerful than petrol engines and offer higher fuel efficiency also. The engines are specially designed to ensure a high level of torque. Their durability is also very high. 
  • Tires: A tractor will use special agricultural tires. These tires are designed to offer maximum traction on nearly all kinds of surfaces, especially dirt, mud and sand. There are various kinds of treads available on tractor tires but agricultural bar treads and industrial treads are the most commonly used. 
  • Gear Transmission: These vehicles always use manual transmission to enable the operator to have complete control over the vehicle. However, they differ from the gears of regular cars as these farm vehicles have more gears, forward as well as reverse. 
  • Drawbar: The drawbar is the hitch connecting to the chassis of the tractor directly. The other end is typically connected to a wagon or cart. 
  • Power Steering: This feature is like the ones found in cars. 
  • Front-End Loader: This is a bucket which is deep and is as wide as the tractor. This can be mounted on the front end of the tractor. It is used for moving bales and other stuff easily. 
  • Four Wheel Drive: This feature allows the driver to control both the rear and the front axle of the tractor. This allows the driver to exert greater control over the vehicle and its movements in various circumstances. 

The extras available

It is possible to customize the tractor with various other pieces of equipment to increase its versatility and usefulness in certain circumstances. You may need to purchase them to complete certain tasks. 

  • Wagon or Cart: This can be attached to the tractor and is used for carrying around various items just like any pickup truck. 
  • Box Scraper: This piece of equipment can be used for various tasks, from moving light snow to scraping pens. 
  • Mower: This attachment can be used for clearing weeds and mowing pasture grass. 
  • Posthole Digger: This attachment is mainly used for construction purposes such as building fence lines. It can also be used for planting trees. 
  • Chain harrow: This is used to drag your arena footing to keep it smooth and level. 

How to Improve Efficiency

There are various kinds of equipment that you can attach to your tractors for improving their efficiency. Here are some of them- 

  • GPS Device: This is mainly used for precision farming. With it, you can take care of your fields in any weather. 
  • Power Take Off: This equipment is mainly used for powering a variety of farm attachments and implements. The power will be provided by the tractor’s engine. 
  • Auto-Steering System: This system makes use of GPS signals for steering the tractor in straight lines. As a result, human error is eliminated. This is useful when cultivating the fields. 
  • Load-Sensing Technology: This system is used to reduce the consumption of fuel and ensure that the enough horsepower is available for specific tasks. 

When you go to purchase tractors, keep the above list at hand to ensure that you are getting the exact things you need.
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