Revival of Skilled Craftsmanship with Unique and Customised Decorative Painting

The trend that this generation follows or lingers around is the term custom made or customized. You tend be prefer everything to be customized, starting from interior decorations to the design of your clothes, study courses to tourism trips and much more. Everyone loves to posses unique things, tailor made benefits from services, and all this is because custom made services of things tend to be as per your preferences. Similarly, nowadays it is a fashion in add distinguished decorative elements in house or office d├ęcor, and most essentially it is considered as one of the best gifts for loved ones. Unique and customised decorative paintings are considered as one of the most distinguished and personalized gift items nowadays. Though it sounds to be quite interesting but many people do not have much detailed concept about decorative painting.

Idea of Decorative Painting

Decorative painting is the art of decorating various objects by painting on them. This art form may be a distinct type of fine art or it can also be a traditional craftsmanship inherited from folk arts of ancient days. Decorative painting today is referred by many names like folk painting, tole painting, rustic painting and country painting. The most interesting thing about decorative painting is that it is a type of embellishment done over objects of use as well as decorative items in order to offers the objects a distinctive creative edge. Many decorative paintings throughout the world have emerged from the traditional painting patterns of yesteryears. Particularly, decorative painting is able to transform functional as well as non functional objects into essential decorative items which can be.
Decorative Paintings
Decorative Paintings
  • Used for house interior decorations.
  • Decorating commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, parlors, shops, etc.
  • These high demand gift items since with advanced technology decorative painting can implement exclusive personalized pictures, encryptions to make it a custom made gift.

Creative Bend of Mind

Creativity on it wings, is how you can define decorative painting which infuses life into things with beautiful artistry. Moreover, decorative painting is not performed on canvas basically, but on 3 dimensional objects. There is a diverse range of materials and objects on which decorative painting is projected nowadays. You will often find custom made gifts like wooden frames with embedded paintings, paintings on plastic objects, fabric, leather, etc. Moreover items with unique and customised decorative paintings have high demand in market owing to their aesthetic appeal, exclusiveness, custom appeal and feel of uniqueness. Everyone loves something that is unique. Besides, the decorative painting enhances the beauty, elegance and status of even a trifle object.

Even regional or tribal art forms are today being encouraged as a form of decorative painting.  Many art forms which were on the verge of extinction were revived with essential encouragement. Today many such art forms have received commercial exposure, leading to business to regional tribes and many skilled craftsmen. However, it is not actually any form of tribal art particularly. Many types of painting skills have brimmed with the emergence and demand for decorative painting.
  • It has revived a lot of art forms that were almost on the verge of being extinct.
  • It encourages different skilled painting forms to come up in the market.
  • It also makes scopes for craftsmen, painters and artists to earn better, since these decorative painted items are sold on high price in the market.
  • In the modern day, race of commercialized items or crafted items are once again breathing.
Decorative painting on wooden boxes, jewelry like that in terracotta jewelry, vases, fabrics, etc have helped a lot of skilled craftsmen to earn handsomely through handicraft items and goods.

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