Things you need to Know about Different Types of Mirrors

Perhaps, it is quite impossible to imagine homes, hotels, shops and other places without mirror. Whether you are getting ready for a party or driving a car, you need a mirror. A mirror is built with a plate glass that reflects the image of an object. It is true that highly polished materials can also serve as a mirror, such as quartz. However, different types of mirrors are used for different purposes, which are discussed further in the article. 
The most common types of mirrors 
  1. Plane mirrors- The first type of mirror is the plane mirror. In this mirror, you will see a flat reflective surface. This mirror reflects the rays of light that fall on it in its original form. However, the light may be reflected with little changes. The position of the object is almost same in the mirror as it is in the reality. In fact, the size of the objects also remains the same in the plane mirror. This is the most common type of mirror used in homes, restaurants and various other places. In modern days, plane mirrors are developed with a very thin plate glass in order to protect the surface and maintain it for long.
  2. Convex and concave- Both these types of mirrors are together known as spherical mirrors. These mirrors have curved reflecting surface, which further looks like the surface of a sphere. In the concave type of mirror, the vertex of the reflecting surface is actually far from the object in comparison to its edges. On the other hand, the same midpoint of the mirror is much nearer than the edges in a convex spherical mirror. 
  3. Mirror
    Here, you will see the mirror bulging towards the object. Convex mirror reflects the image at a wider angle, such as in passenger side mirror and safety mirrors.
  4. One-way or two-way mirror-This is another type of mirror that is partially transparent and partially reflective. Here, a thin coating is done on side of the mirror with a very thin reflective material. These kinds of mirrors are highly used in interrogation rooms, security observation decks and in experiments & research. In fact, one-way or two-way mirrors are used in the security cameras also, as it helps in keeping the camera hidden within a mirrored enclosure. Since the light is reflected on the coated side of the mirror and on the space behind it when it is dark, you can see into the lighted room only. 
  5. Silvered mirrors- Silvered mirrors have a thin coating of metallic silver on them. With the help of silvering process, a very thin layer of silver is deposited on the surface of the mirror. Since silver is known to have maximum tendency of reflecting, this type of mirror is ideal for making decorative pieces and to be used in bathrooms. A silvered mirror reflects the entire light wavelength making it the highest degree of reflective surface.
Besides these, some other types of mirrors include non-reversing mirrors and acoustic mirrors. Acoustic mirror is the invention of the modern technology, which helps in distributing sound in place of light. Acoustic mirrors are used in concert halls, studios, and music venues for effective dispersal of sound over a large area.

A non-reversing mirror is a mirror that does not flip your image. It is typically made by joining two mirrors at right angles to each other. Non-reversing mirrors are helpful in vanity vans, where professional artists need help with make-up and hairstyling. 

You have a large number of options available for selecting mirror but choose best and tough mirror so it looks good and cannot break easily.

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