What are the Various Kinds of High-Security Doors and Why to Choose Strong Security Doors?

If you have still not considered buying strong security doors, it is high time you buy them for the commercial and residential complex. For thieves and intruders, business spaces are the first choice since they may get a huge amount of cash and valuables.
Strong Security Doors
Strong Security Doors
  • Then, rival companies may be finding chances to intrude or break in, to steal the confidential documents. Those who have not secured their business spaces with proper doors are offering a chance to the competitors to barge in and steal valuable data.
  •  Those days of using a lock and unlock doors are gone. There are automatic lock systems in modern security doors that lock automatically when your own staff member enters.
  • This mechanism gives utmost peace of mind since you do not have to keep a watch on the door when someone enters. 

How do these strong security doors add to your home’s aesthetic value? 
Strong security doors are an ultimate way to add to the curb appeal of the home. Besides beings strong and durable, the doors are appealing aesthetically. When installed in the office or the business area, the door makes the space appealing. Steel doors available in the market have grilles and the grilles offer a variety of decorative patterns, and one is free to pick something complimenting the home. 
Strong Security Doors
Strong Security Doors
These doors give you the ultimate value for money: 
Strong security doors, as the name suggest, are durable and long lasting. Wooden doors need a lot of repair work since they swell, shrink and get deteriorated over time. But then, if you install steel or aluminum doors, you can be sure that the door remains the same for years. 

Various types of strong security doors 
All environments require high security to restrict the probability of thefts and break-ins. There are different kinds of strong security doors that may be installed. 
  • Doors can be distinguished on the basis of material, type and size. It is mainly the single leaf doors and the double leaf doors that offer maximum security.
  • The double leaf door may be as thick as 45mm and uses double pan making. The door may have the folding mechanism or bolted mechanism.
  • The anti-jimmy strip is comprised of corrosion resistant material. But single leaf door comes in standard thickness 1.2mm steel.
  • Both single and double door are designed with the integrally bonded core and is constituted of material dufaylite honeycomb material. The material is highly rigid to prevent twisting with the added rock wool insulation. 
What are the factors to consider when you buy strong security doors? 
While buying the strong security doors you need to check out the following:
Strong Security Doors
Strong Security Doors
  • The most important component to check in the door is hinges and gate frame. The door frame needs to be coated with Zintec material 1.5mm with the internal hinge chassis system. The door mainly comes with 90mm rebate profile and with grub screw adjuster for perfect fit and installation. You can also look for P-Seals that are available during accrual onsite fitting.
  • Most high-security doors are unpainted but then you should not settle for them. At least a gray prima coating must be there. This makes the door anti-corrosive.
  • Look for warranty on the gates and the after sales service. Generally, longer warranties are offered on gates with the colored powdered finish.
  • You can also look for PAS 23/24 security doors for schools, hospitals, homes and apartments.
  • Extra options or security features must be checked. 
Strong security doors are the need of the hour. It is the easiest way to secure commercial and residential space. You can buy a single leaf, double leaf door as per the environment.
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