Set Up Your Own Acoustic Ceiling, All By Yourself!

It is not a big deal to redecorate or your house. This article will help those who wish to get acoustic ceiling tile in their basement. Installing acoustic ceiling is not at all an expensive procedure but you should know and buy the right product. Adding acoustic ceiling tile in the basement could help you to preserve acoustic elements in the basement room. Due to the acoustic, the concrete floor and walls may create distorted and echo sound in the room. But with a careful installation planning, you will be able to eliminate this problem with the acoustic ceiling.

Acoustic Ceiling

Important things that you need
  • Acoustic tile
  • 18 Gauge wire ( can be taken more, according to the room measurement)
  • Graph Paper
  • Pencil
  • Masonry nails
  • Hammer
  • Drywall saw
  • Wire cutters
  • Chalk line
  • Ruler
Planning – The first phase
In order to have a successful installation for an acoustic ceiling, it will certainly depend on the type of layout that you are planning for the room. Planning should be done very carefully, because without a proper planning, you will not get the spaced border in an evenly position while using tiles. To do it like a perfectionist, you need to get a graph paper consisting ¼ inch square, pencil to draw the specific layout, ruler! This will help to get a hanger placement and exact border widths. This is the easiest way to get the measurement for wide borders you need according to your room size, you just have to find the center point for tile position placed in middle row as per the graph layout. 

These may sound a bit difficult, but with little knowledge and a bit of intelligence, you will be able to easily complete this task. 

How to create a square ceiling
Followed by planning the graph layout, now you know how to place the acoustic ceiling tiles. As soon as the tiles are installed, you need to have equal width border on all sides of the room. This technique is completely helpful for a square basement room, but this measurement may vary. Don’t forget to mark the measurement, because if you mark on the center line at 14 feet this will help to give your room perfect look. Then again, you can always count on professional help or someone with experience who can pull this work neatly. 

Use acoustic tile for sound absorption
There are various kinds of sound absorption acoustic tile material available. These are used to get rid of the unwanted sound elements present inside the room. It also helps to have improved speech clarity; helps to eliminate standing waves etc. Cellular melamine, fiberglass, fluffy fabrics and open cell polyurethane foam etc. are some of the materials that can be used for sound absorption. Other wide range of materials can also be used depending on the kind of walls or ceilings in order to get the best result for the acoustic ceiling. 

Apart from sound absorption, for better security, you can also use acoustic ceiling that allows fire protection. Some of the fire protection materials that can be use are, fire damper strip, conflict, and firepro and etc. But all materials have got unique characteristics; it should be used as per convenience and need. 

Acoustic Ceiling with clean-ability feature
There is no doubt in the fact that we live and sustain with the help of electrical equipment or the gifts of science, in our daily life starting from smart phones, cars, computer, architectural buildings, and other types of equipment.  In fact, for cleaning the acoustic ceilings, there are various regular equipment that can be used. Cleaning is required in order to maintain hygienic state in the room. Cleaning and restoration is done by using spraying and other electrical equipment. 

After reading these above mentioned points, you understand all set up your own acoustic ceiling. If you want to know more detail then go online here
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