Points To Consider While Buying Podiatry Chairs

As podiatry is an area of medicine related to the care of foot and lower limbs. Special chairs are used for this treatment and they are called “Podiatry Chairs”. Special tools are used for this and they need to be chosen wisely since it involves the comfort of the patient and the convenience of the podiatrist. It is advisable to look for podiatry chairs of the new generation so that you are assured of the latest technology being made use of. You need to be sure of the essential egomaniacs besides the functionality of the chair. 

Podiatry Chairs
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Let us look at few of the options available in these chairs: 
  1. You can opt for chairs that come with 3 motors which are electromechanical of low voltage group; the electronics being digitally controlled with the finished card which is computerized and can swivel up to 360 degrees with a locking gear ring ensuring reliable, fast and swift movements. The anti-tilt movement ensures the patient is stable during the treatment. The upholstery only adds to the convenience as it is slip free and seamless. The three motors offer you any position in whatever height required. These are available in different colors and you can choose which one blends with the interiors of your clinic. These chairs consist of a contoured backrest for the patient to be relaxed and comfortable while the treatment is on. The chair can be adjusted in accordance to the height of the patient which makes it possible to position the patient conveniently. 
  1. You can also have the podiatry chairs with an anti-tilt system which can prevent movement while the treatment is on. The arms are synchronized towards down to the movement of the backrest. These can be folded independently that adds to the convenience. The folding arms and the ground clearance help in an easy access to the patient. 
  1. There is also one more, the 2 motor electromechanical with digital electronics which rotates up to 360 degrees and lets you position the patient in accordance to your convenience and is available in multiple colors which makes it an easy choice.
 How to choose a perfect Podiatry Chair 
Before you plan to shop for a podiatry chair make sure to be aware of how much room you have as you have many options to select among the patient couches, patient chairs and hybrid couch chairs. If you think you have ample space you can think of opting for the couches which seem to have a bigger footprint. The size of the seat besides the length of the base can dictate how much floor space is required. 

You should consider the possibility of making the patients lie down in an emergency. You also need to make sure what features you require for treating your patients, like do you require single leg rest or the common split leg rest?  You need to make sure how you will be operating the chair. You have choices between the foot control and the hand control. 

Cost of Maintenance of Podiatry Chairs 
The maintenance of the podiatry chair totally depends on what type you have opted for. You need to be sure how often you intend upgrading the chair or the couch. If you compromise on quality you might have to spend a lot more on the maintenance of these chairs as there are possibilities of the paint chipping off or probably the arm rest giving trouble. To keep yourself tension free think of getting the chair serviced on a regular basis so that it lasts longer and works out more durable. 

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