Tips to protect kids by installing shade sails

School is a place where a child intakes his/her basic education. It is considered to be a pious place where real time learning takes place. The things that kids learn in school remain with them lifelong. Thus, it is the parent’s duty and responsibility to ensure that the child is going to the right school. It is not only the duty of the parents, but once a child is admitted in a particular school; the child is the responsibility of the faculty of the school too. Hence, it is essential that the school takes care of the child in the right way. 
Shade Sails for Schools
The right way to protect kids: 
Schools today are not only worried about the right education and right exposure, but they believe in the fact that if students are healthy and fit, their concentration levels are way different than any other average kid. Thus more and more schools are adopting the shade sails for schools.

 What are Shade Sails?
Shade sails basically mean the sail shades that are actually used in boats for protection against climatic conditions. It acts like a tent and protects the people within it from sun, rain and any other kind of weather conditions happening around them. Similarly, these sails have been designed for schools, wherein they can be installed in the open areas so that the students are protected from the sun and rain so that the school ensures healthier learning.

Tips to install it in the right way
Only installation will not serve the purpose. It is very necessary that the installation is done in the right way to ensure that this shade does not break or fly away at the time when it is most needed:
  • It is important to check for any kind of legal permissions that are to be taken before installing this.
  • Ensure that the spacing is right and enough in the shade to be installed properly. Lack of space may not serve the purpose.
  • Check if the ground where the shade has to be installed is proper and even.
  • Check up on sun direction, and wind flow direction to ensure erect installation.
  • Use the right amount and right size of anchors that will hold the sail shade.
How to maintain it for a longer life
Maintenance of anything is the roughest challenge one faces. People are successful in using the right techniques and right things, but they fail to maintain it. Maintenance of shade sails for schools is very easy, provided it is done at the right time-
  • It has to be cleaned at regular breaks
  • The fabric should be cleaned by hand, use a mild detergent
  • It can also be cleaned using a sponge of soap and then with a cloth
Thus, use these shades and ensure that the children coming to the school are not exposed to direct sun or wind. This will lead to a sharper brain and memory as they will get tired less because they remain fresh even if they are in the ground, all thanks to these shades!

Hope this tips help you to protect kids by installing shade sails. Want to know more then let’s to the details and get more information.
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