Buying a used car? Not always a hassle if done right

Buying a used car can be difficult. You need to check for so many things and many of them aren’t as good as they look. It is always suggested that you get a known mechanic from your vicinity in Hughesdale to inspect the car before buying it. The mechanic can be found online or through a friend. If he good, you will have also found someone near home to help maintain your car for the future. You can also have more than one mechanics do the inspection. They may differ on their views but their feedback can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It is also necessary to check the cars paperwork and title to ensure a clean and clear history. Here are some tips that will help you see what your mechanic should check for and the reasons for it

  • Brakes and transmission: To ensure you’re buying a safe car, checking the brakes is an absolute necessity. Can the hand brake hold the car on a sloped region? During the test drive the find a straight stretch of road where it is safe to test the brakes. They also need to be checking for grinding or squealing noises. When it comes to transmission, automatics should not delay selection of gears and manuals should not grind or crunch while going to gear.
  • Exhaust: When you fire up the car, smoke can come from the exhaust but if you see it coming from the back, you know that there is a problem. Blue, black or white smoke is an indication of trouble.
  • Engine: Fire up the engine, to see if it’s running smoothly or if there is any rattling when the engine warms up. Knocking can also indicate abuse and poor maintenance from the previous owner. A compression test is also an important step. A tiny tool is put in where normally the spark plug goes and revving the engine will tell if the pressure within the cylinder is right. If it’s not, time to check a different car.
  • Oil: Oil levels can be checked using a dipstick. If the oil looks dark, milky or burnt smelling it can point to serious engine problems or bad maintenance.
  • Radiator and hoses: The coolant levels in the radiator need to be checked. It should not be rusty and its fins should not be crumbly. The water hose also need to be checked to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • HVAC: If the car has air-conditioning, a check should be performed to confirm it’s working well. The fan should run at all the different speeds and the compressor shouldn’t be too noisy. A similar check can be done for the heater as well.
  • Instrument gauges: Ensure that no unnecessary warning lights are illuminated. The odometer and speedometer should also be functioning correctly.
  • Lights: Ensure that all headlights, brake lights, interior lights, turn signals and high beams are in working order. They should be properly lit and not dim or fading.
  • Tires and suspension: Just pushing down each side of the car can help understand the state of the shocks. The mechanic will need to ensure that the tires are not leaking and that the spare is also in good condition. He may also need to check the wheel alignment by checking for uneven tread wear.
These simple inspections before buy can save you a lot of trouble after the purchase. Car sellers may not always reveal faults in the car so that they can sell at higher prices, you can find pre-purchase inspection mechanics easily in Hughesdale and they can make things a lot easier for you.

Once you carefully follow the above mentioned tips, you will surely able to select Pre-Purchase Inspection Mechanics. Visit us on.

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