Various Types of Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are very much in demand during the recent times. This is because people are mostly busy and have got no time for this labour intensive work. On the other hand, if you don’t clean your home and commercial places then different types of germs might invade that place and make you fall sick. Moreover, without cleaning regularly the place will look very shabby and dull. To ease your troubles, many cleaning service providers have skilled professionals who can do the job better. But before contacting them, it is better to know a little about the various types of cleaning services that are generally provided. There are mainly two types of cleaning services available in the market such as residential cleaning and commercial cleaning service. Apart from that, you will find some freelancers who can clean your house on weekend. But they are not licensed, and they do not have enough cleaning tools and equipment. So, it is better to hire some licensed and professional cleaning service for your needs.
cleaning services
Cleaning services

Residential cleaning services

This is the most widely demanded cleaning service. It is the service in residential households or apartments. This involves general housekeeping and cleaning of rooms, kitchen, washrooms, lavatory, et cetera. Cleaning is done with vacuum cleaners or brooms or mops are generally used according to the needs of the family.
  • Domestic cleaning might require maidservant or janitorial services. In either case, the cleaning techniques are very basic and generally do not need any specialized machinery.

  • In some cases, the cleaner might also provide the service of overhauling of the waste products into the proper waste bins available on the roads.

  • Apart from that, if you want to clean your garden premises, garage and backyard places then you need to hire some trained professionals. They will clean your outdoor premises and collect all debris from your outside locations. Then they will dispose of them in a scientific manner.


These types of cleaners may work for any agency but work individually.  Since they work individually so they are very good for domestic purposes and they can work with more dedication. But in the case, they fall sick or meet with an accident you have to contact the agency once again so that they can send you a replacement for that day.
cleaning services
Cleaning services

Commercial cleaning

Cleaning services are also required in various offices buildings. This is more needed in the case of multi-storied buildings where there is a need to clean glass windows. The professionals have the adequate equipment which benefits them to clean a large portion in a short span of time.
  • Since many offices also have a kitchen nowadays so it needs to be kept clean. The problem with offices is that no one actually lives there, and they go there to do their work Kitchens, where food is supposed to be cooked, must be kept clean otherwise insects and flies might contaminate your food and make you ill. Apart from the regular cleaning, people can also conduct specialized cleaning in their commercial office during the weekend.

  • A company might hire and keep its own cleaning staff. Or they can also contract outside agencies to provide cleaning services to them. Dangerous tasks like outside cleaning of buildings are done once in a while and not regularly.

Carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning or rag cleaning or floor cleaning is a more narrowed down cleaning service where only the floor is paid attention to. However, in certain cases, the cleaner might also remove spots and stains on your tiles and washroom floors, or even clean the bathtub if you want.
You even need cleaning services for hospitals and police stations and other public places. This service can be easily provided by cleaning services providers who hire and trains professional cleaners for the job.

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