Everything That You Should Know About Jewellery Repair

Nothing can make a woman happy as much as jewelleries do. Well, there is no denial that women are very fond of   jewellery. There are different type jewelleries in different colour, design, material and shape are available in the market. Some of the popular and well-liked gemstones which are studded in gold as well as silver jewelleries are ruby, topaz, coral, sapphire and many more. Not only it makes women look more beautiful, but it is also a sign of higher status in the society. Buying jewellery is just a matter of having enough money but when it comes to repairing it, the task becomes a bit complex. Well, if you have faced such jewellery repairs issue in the past, you wouldn’t face the same in future because in this post we are going to talk about all the important details regarding jewellery repair. Have a look. 
Jewellery Repair
Jewellery Repair

Info about Jewellery Repair

There is no doubt that any woman looks prettier when she wears a lot of jewelleries. Jewellery indeed enhances any woman’s looks. However, if you want your jewelleries to stay as beautiful as they were when you first bought them, you need to take some extra care of them. Also, many a times even after taking care of our jewelleries, they get damaged and broke eventually. Well, in such case, you can opt for jewellery repair option which saves a lot time as well as money.

Types of Repairs

When we don’t take enough care of our jewelleries, we get to face various problems such as broken or faulty clasps, broken links, worn down metal, loss of stones and slipped prongs. Broken clasps are the most common problem which occurs get to see in jewellery.
  • Clasps are found in necklaces and bracelets and it is the part of the jewellery which endures most of the weight. Clasps are generally get pulled and tugged while wearing and removing from the body. Broken clasps are generally replaced by a new clasp. This replacement gets done by professionals in the jewellery shops.
  • Broken link is also a main problem which occurs in chains and necklaces. The links become weak after using for a long time and eventually get broken. The broken links are very easy to replace. However, in some piece of jewellery such as rings, the broken link gets hard to repair. In such case, the jeweller adds more amount of same metal to the ring to make it stronger.
Jewellery Repair Services
Jewellery Repair Services
  • Sometimes jewelleries such as rings, necklaces and bracelets suffer some physical blow which need jewellery repair to get fixed. One of the most common problems is losing the ring’s stones which mostly happens in engagements and weddings. This problem might seem very small, but it needs to be fixed by experts only.
  • The lost stones are generally get replaced by a new stone, but this process is very expensive. Various tools get used in this process which makes it quite expensive for normal people. Various tools and processes such as pliers and soldering are used to repair minor problems in jewelleries. Most of the people have very old and authentic jewelleries, which if get broken, then they require jewellery repair which turns out to be very expensive. Also, when old and authentic jewellery gets damaged, it becomes very tough to get the same design. Also, jewelleries need to be taken care of every now and then to avoid any future damage to jewelleries. If you find any spot on the jewellery, you can get them washed from the jewellers to regain the glow and shine.
Also, the jewellery should be stored carefully and every piece of necklace should be kept separately to avoid scratches. The gems which are used in rings or necklaces should be stored carefully as the gems might get lost or broke into pieces. Therefore, such precautions are very important to take in order to avoid jewellery repair quite too often
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