Tips on the Right Type of Balustrade and Handrail for Your Home

These days, balustrades are not simply a barrier that can protect people from falling off double volumes, balconies or staircases. These serve as aesthetic features that improve the beauty of homes and are able to complement many architectural designs. You should follow these tips to choose the best balustrade and handrails that will complement the interiors of your home. 
Conduct online research 
You have to do some research about the SANS-compliant balustrade agencies trading in your region. Find out about the various designs they have on offer and the type of design you feel would serve your home the best. You can draw inspiration from websites and décor magazines that offer ideas and images on the exterior and interior balustrade designs. Balustrades, based on their construction material or structure, can be classified into: 
  • Steel
  • Wooden
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Wire
  • Urethane
  • Polyurethane
  • Wrought iron
  • Aluminum
  • Lace
  • Wrought aluminum
You have to choose one that matches the indoor area of your home, your budget and your preferences. 

You have to consider the size of your home while choosing a balustrade. Consider whether it would be set up to achieve more depth or to make the space look more dimensional. If you have a smaller home, you would like to use balustrade to achieve a classier look. You may even place them in numerous spots, including the staircases, balcony, porch etc. 

Weather/ outdoor space 
You should also take the long-term aspects of various things into account. For examples, balustrades used for external stairs need to be completely weather resistant, and this is very true for steel and glass. However, when it comes to indoor stairs, wood is more preferable. Using wood for outdoor stairs would also need significantly more maintenance.  

You will also need to take the overall design of your home into account while choosing balustrade. Keep in mind that the purpose of setting up a balustrade is improving the entire appearance of your home and not simply a part of it. You will need a design that can complement the indoor plan. It is also a good idea to add some contrast in this area, although you should consider the architecture of your home above everything else. For instance, if your house has a vintage appearance you should go for a balustrade that is vintage-styled. However, if you have a trendy indoor area, look for balustrade made of steel or glass rather than wooden ones. 

These days, you can find numerous options that combine both varieties. You can go for a balustrade that blends wood with steel or wood with glass, although the former one is a more practical choice and can improve the entire home décor.

Choice of materials 
The choice of balustrade is also determined by plenty of factors. For instance, you would want a wooden balustrade even if you have a modern house. However, if you are concerned about the high costs of wood, you will like to go for glass. Naturally, the choice of your material should be underplayed by plenty of factors such as the feasibility, the design of your home and the type of overall budget that you have. You cannot use wooden balustrades on a stair close to the pool, as they would be worn out very quickly and they would appear extremely shoddy in appearance as well. Likewise, if you would wish to set up steel varieties on your staircases, you have to ensure that they also match the overall décor of your house. 
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