Obvious Advantages of Choosing Particle Boards

Particle boards are made by compressing small scraps, fibers or chips of wood under great pressure using glue, and these are one of the most widely used material in the construction industry. The flat, hard building material produced by this process is then used for various purposes in construction. There are many advantages of using particle boards.
Particle Boards
Particle Boards
Advantages of using particle boards:
  • Adherence to glue - Particle boards are extremely flat, smooth and slick and so the glue readily sticks. This is the reason why these boards are used as floor underlay. By using glue, it becomes possible to stick linoleum, tile or hardwood on to these boards with good results. Using particle boards as floor underlay must be carefully done by placing moisture barriers inside the foundation to ensure that the boards do not swell by absorbing moisture.
  • Variety and availability - The greatest advantage of using particle boards is that this material is always available. These are offered in thickness up to 1 inch making it convenient for builders to choose based on the project. When it comes to densities, this board comes in different ranges. If you are looking to contain your budget, you can choose the large particle boards for sheathing or construction structures to be covered by stucco or cement. Fine particle boards can be used for projects such as stair treads and routed designs because these boards are very strong and dense.
  • Environment friendly -  As compared to other materials, particle boards are environment friendly. They are made from chips and pieces of other lumber products. The manufacturing process is such that there is absolutely no wastage. No extra logging is done to produce this board. Formaldehyde is a chemical that causes medical problems. Certain types of particle boards are manufactured without the use of this chemical. As you purchase the board, you can ask the retailer for the boards that are formaldehyde-free.
  • Low cost - Last but not the least, the most important reason why these particle boards are highly preferred is that they are extremely cost effective. As compared to lumber or plywood, these boards cost a fraction. In residential and commercial premises, it is possible to save a lot of money using particleboards using them for flooring in the bathroom.
Particle Boards
Particle Boards
    Various usage & features of particle board:
    • Particle board is an engineered wood product. Apart from using them in home interiors for various purposes, these boards are also used to make low cost furniture. Manufacturers have flooded the market with particle board furniture for obvious reasons.
    • As compared to plywood or solid wood furniture, cost of particle board furniture is very low. However, when it comes to durability, particle board furniture does not last as long as solid wood.
    • Mass production is another reason why particle board furniture is popular. Stores are full of ready to assemble furniture. The moment you like a piece, you can take it home and start using it. When it comes to solid wood furniture, manufacturers have to take orders and then deliver it after some time.
    • Particle boards are extremely light in weight. It is easy to move around furniture made of these boards. Though this indicates that the furniture is not as strong as it should be, people prefer paying less now and enjoying the furniture for a few years and then replace them with new collections. These boards also come with lamination. You can choose from a range of attractive lamination to go with your d├ęcor.
    Particle boards are fast replacing solid wood furniture especially among the middle class population. These versatile boards are definitely going to stay in the market. It is important to purchase these boards from reputed manufacturers to ensure optimum durability. 
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