Crucial Factors of Successful Stone Fireplace Surround Installation

Choosing the stone fireplace surrounds that satisfies all your requirements is not easy. You must ensure that your choice ticks all the right boxes, as far as your preferences and convenience are concerned. So there is a gamut of factors worth considering and a plethora of tasks worth performing. Firstly, you will need to find out the material of the fireplace. And choosing the most appropriate materials amidst a wealth of options will not be that easy as it might sound. Secondly, it is important to look for the right color. Remember, your stone fireplace is an integral part of home interiors, and hence its décor. Therefore, you simply cannot afford to leave loose ends while selecting it. 
Stone Fireplace Surround
Stone Fireplace Surround 
Deciding the construction material 
Let wisdom prevail while you make the most significant decision about your stone fireplace materials. Selecting the most appropriate fireplace construction material will be critical to the longevity of the fireplace. Therefore, you must consider all the available options and then finalize your decision. 
  • One of the greatest options available in the market is the wooden fireplace surrounds. Manufactured from natural timber, these fireplace surrounds impart a unique look to your home interiors.
  • For a glossy and polished appearance, you can opt for the fireplace surrounds manufactured from marble. Some of the natural occurring variations in these marbles are the veining, coloring, and fossils.
  • With a simple finishing, the limestone fireplace surrounds complement all kinds of fire. However, it stains quite fast compared to its other counterparts. And therefore, require proper maintenance and cleaning. 
Looking for appropriate deigns 
Once you are done with the material, it is high time to select the appropriate designs. Make sure that your choice of the design complements your home décor and optimizes your satisfaction. Remember, it is your choice that will take stone fireplace surrounds from drab and outdated to fresh and modern. Opt for the twisted-style fireplace surrounds and add some drama to your home interiors. The stone around the fireplace twirls and twists in the most creative manner, thus creating a never-seen-before look. If you wish to have an organized and neat look, then the fireplace surrounds with properly stacked stones will prove to be the perfect options. 
Stone Fireplace Surround
Stone Fireplace Surround
Selecting attractive styles 
As they happen to be integral parts of your home décor, it is imperative to choose the color of your fireplace surrounds quite perfectly. Perform extensive market researches and you will get some of the greatest options in colors.
  • Those desiring for a fireplace surround that exudes perfect warmth must opt for the grey surrounds. Moreover, the grey color tones will perfectly complement black and white interiors.
  • Of late, there has been a massive popularity of the soft and neutral shades such as caramel and butterscotch. Opt for them, if you wish to impart a softer look.
  • Dark brown is another unique color worth considering. It will make your fireplace surrounds look attractive and stunning.
Getting knowledgeable about other stone types 
Having profound knowledge on every stone type will surely pay off while planning for your installation project. Apart from wood, limestone and marble, you also have wealth of other options. With a unique texture, granite offers a diverse variety of colors. Thanks to its astounding durability. You will have precious little to worry about the longevity of your fireplace surrounds. Other than that, you can also choose slate available in an incredible array of purples, grey, blues and greens. If you desire for that quintessential natural and earthy charm, then there is hardly anything better than the sandstone. Finally, you can also opt for soap stone if high heat resistance capacity happens to be an essential requisite for you.  
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