What Are The Functions Of A Commercial Electrician And How To Find One?

There is an urgent need for a commercial electrician in small and large commercial projects, lighting, cable connection, insulation, and the earthing related matters. A commercial electrician can work for small projects like a building or a shopping mall, or he may even be assigned the task of tending to large projects like hydro-electric power projects. While there are electricians available to address the domestic needs in houses and residential complexes, there is a compelling need for commercial electricians who are capable of handling the electrical connection driving electronics and manufacturing equipment in a commercial environment.

Commercial Electrician

Hire an expert commercial electrician for proper commercial operations: What does a commercial electrician do?

The need for commercial electricians is an important one as there are several activities in the industrial sector which a domestic electrician may not be equipped to handle.

  • Installation and wiring of specialized conduits and wiring for complex machinery with adequate care for electrical ratings and safety features, demand the presence of a commercial electrician to tackle the challenge at hand.
  • Such electricians are required to plan, install and maintain the specialized wiring and electrical points including the conduits of tubing and wire piping in accordance with the electrical codes of the particular area where the work is being carried out to conform to the contractor’s blueprints.

Skill and certification is necessary:

For an electrician to be proficient enough to capably work in a commercial environment, special training in the form of an associate degree program or even an apprenticeship degree program is recommended. Furthermore, these electricians must also have a valid electrician’s license in order to carry out any authorized mechanical or technical installations in a professional capacity. The basic fact is that, more than the theoretical experience, you must always judge about the practical work experience and the level of quality and safety that is maintained by a commercial electrician. Moreover, you can inquire about the online reviews in case you are hiring a commercial electrician from an online web portal.

Planned and successful electrical installation done by a commercial electrician:

A commercial electrician is required to be competent enough to understand and comprehend the blueprints provided by the contractor for the planned installation of actual machinery.  

There are several steps involved in the wiring process for a new construction such as:-

  • Survey of the building and ducts
  • Blueprint comparison to structure
  • Adherence to area codes and construction ethics
  • Installation of conduits for wiring
  • Connection of wiring to switches
  • Installation of relays and circuit breakers
  • Installation of control panel

Checking the conduits and the power supply along with the voltage:

There is a whole planning and conceptualizing process involved before the actual execution of wiring can take place. Beginning with the initial survey of the site and comparison with the blueprint of the structure as provided by the contractor, the electrician must survey the building and in accordance with the area’s electrical code and requirement of set up, conceptualize the wiring for the different appliances and fixtures as prescribed by the client. Following the inspection and selection of right electrical supplies, the conduits and tubing which carry the wiring, to avoid any electrical mishaps. This process is followed by installation of switches and power outlets for providing sources of supply for use. Then, the overall wiring is integrated with the branched wiring connecting the switch boards and outlets. Finally, the installation of a circuit breaker is needed to manage safety and security of the overall structure in adherence to the laid out safety regulations. The installation work is finally done by linking the relay to the main electricity grid.

Post this, the commercial electrician needs to inspect his work and ensure conformance to all safety practices and integration of proper short-circuit protection. Abovementioned functions will help you to find the best commercial electrician of your requirement.

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