Bamboo Flooring: Adds Beauty to Your Property

When you are trying to experiment with wooden floors, or a polished and resilient flooring option, then bamboo flooring is the most appropriate flooring that can give a new edge to your home d├ęcor. Perhaps enroll in a go-green campaign and get bamboo flooring installed. Since people across the globe have begun understanding the benefits of the green revolution and the value of little wastage vis-a-vis maximum use, the environment friendly bamboo flooring option is gaining acceptance.
Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring
History of bamboo flooring:
Bamboo is a member of the grass family and belongs to the fast growing plants in the world. Bamboos are seen to grow approximately 25% faster than most plants. There are multiple options when you look for the design, color, size and texture of bamboo flooring and you can consult many interior specialists who deal specifically with bamboo flooring options. Bamboos can be harvested without worrying about the need to replant since it reproduces itself.
  • This is what makes a preferred flooring choice since many numbers of trees are saved the moment one considers the bamboo. In addition, bamboo has its own benefits too.
  • It looks similar to normal wooden flooring but costs far less and is suited for all weather and room types.
  • Light colored Bamboos are more durable and they are available in various forms such as coated strips, tiles, plank sheets, Bamboo floorings are available for use at home, offices, super markets, and other places and offer the following features:
    • Hard and sturdy
    • Attractive to the eye
    • Cheap
    • Strong
    • Optimum value

This flooring adds value to your property:
Bamboo flooring adds value to design features while making the aura tranquil. Bamboo floorings are manufactured from best quality bamboos and are highly resistant to insect attacks. You can choose from lighter green and brown shades to mix and match combination of yellow and light coffee color, to suit your interior decoration needs. Bamboo is said to be the symbol of auspicious luck, so you can also install bamboo flooring for bringing in fortune. Moreover, this flooring enhances the resale value of your property.
  • Bamboo has always constituted freshness, sturdiness, natural charm, and purity for several decades. Not just in homes and offices, but they are also used on decks of a ship.  
  • Bamboo planks are subjected to several coatings of scratch proof and non-abrasive compounds to present sturdiness and long life.
Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo flooring
Easy to clean and maintain:
Bamboo flooring is resistant to any damage by water, stains, bending or twisting out of shape as compared to other wooden materials.
  • Bamboo flooring is comparatively far easy to maintain. Just a sweep with a broom having fine bristles if done regularly will remove all small particle refuse.
  • One could also occasionally mop it with water, or clean it with a floor cleaner that does not contain any wax, acids or alkali compounds. Other aspects to be noted are:
  • Deterioration of a bamboo floor is caused by very small particles of sand and dust which are carried in through the footwear that people wear. This refuse when treaded upon could dig into the finishing of the floor causing depressions, damage or just scratches damaging the look of the flooring.
  • Sweeping the floor with a broom though could prevent this; yet, the number of sweeps basically depends on the foot-falls happening in a particular room. Ensure that the broom used has soft bristles takes care of this issue.

Finally you should remember that, while washing you should always use a damp yet dry wash to extend the life of the flooring material. An effective and home made Bamboo Flooring cleaner is a mix of half a cup of white vinegar with two quarts of plain water.

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