Pros and Cons of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ductless and Ducted air conditioning are the 2 main ways to climate control our house or office. In Ductless we have various types like Window Air Conditioners where the condenser, compressor and cool air circulator are all packaged as a single unit, Split Air conditioners that have 2 units – an indoor unit that produces and circulates the cool air, and an outdoor unit that has the compressor. 

Ducted Air Conditioning
When should we opt for ducted air conditioning? 
Ducted air conditioning can help you to improve the cooling system of your entire house and office building. The main feature of a ducted air conditioning is the heat exchanger which draws maximum cool air and circulates it from the central position of your house. So it can provide you with the ultimate cooling and your entire house becomes cool within few minutes only. Like for instance, if you require only one or two rooms in the house to be cooled, then the best choice would be a split air conditioner. However if it is a bungalow and you want the entire house to be air conditioned, instead of going for multiple split air conditioners, you can opt for a ducted air conditioner. 

What are the advantages in ducted air conditioning? 
The first and foremost advantage of a ducted air conditioning is that it does not have to be wall- mounted.  The room looks larger as the units do not occupy space on the wall and they do not obstruct the lighting inside the room and are discreet in nature. The ducts are either on the ceiling or on the floor, thoroughly concealed. Few advantages of ducted air conditioning are: 
  • Improves the aesthetics of the house or company.
  • Makes absolutely no noise.
  • Calmest of the air conditioners available in the market. 
How can they be operated? With LPG or with electricity: 
They can either run by LPG or by electricity giving much flexibility. The ducted air conditioners can be zoned, in the sense that only few rooms that need to be cooled can be set. This saves a lot of power in the long run. Also it can maintain different rooms at different temperatures. Like for instance, the rooms of old people and the baby’s room temperature can be kept at a little higher temperature than the rest of the household and cooler air can be circulated to other rooms. With a little bit more investment, the same air conditioners can be made to serve as heating systems during winters in very cold areas. 

What are the disadvantages in ducted air conditioning?
  • Ducted air conditioning does have their set of negatives. Firstly they are very expensive. Secondly the installation process is little more complex because the system itself is very complex.
  • It takes time and involves lot of drilling work too. The huge condenser outdoor unit has to find a good spot away from living space. 
  • The controller boards have to be fitted on to the walls. The supply air diffusers have to be fitted on to the ceilings by drawing holes for them.
  • The fan deck and fan coil have to be set up on the roof top again involving lot of drilling works, making the installation all the more complicated. If there is a problem with the ducted air conditioner, the entire house is going to be off on air conditioning.
  • Whereas if one of the split air conditioner isn’t working the rest can still provide some cooling to other rooms, as each one is independent of the other.
  • Again if there is a problem with the ducted air conditioner, the replacement costs or the repairing cost is going to be very high unlike the split air conditioner. 
But if you need to install a proper cooling system in your entire house and office places then ducted air conditioning is the only way because it can provide the complete cooling system for your large area and it can save your electricity and fuel consumptions also. 
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