Facts Everyone Must Know About Shade Structures

Shade structures have become essential addition to religious centers, schools, day care centers, and public areas. There have been advancement in the durability of the fabric, flexibility of designs and the affordability of these products, and as a result many people are opting for these products around the world. Many of the manufacturers are providing quality products they also offer a guarantee that may extend up to 10 years. These offers are also tempting people to buy shade sail structures. If you are in need of one this is the time to invest in shade structures and one can decide on the category of the product needed. The person in need of the product can choose from: 
  • Traditional steel roof
  • Fabric canopy shelters 
Shade Structures

The Strong and Durable Roof 

The traditional steel roof is the ideal product for a place as small as community parks or as large as an equestrian centre. The steel roof shade structures are durable and it can be considered as good as a permanent structure. The durability of the steel roof increases depending upon the environment. The roof can provide a place for pigeons and other birds apart from the protection from weather. If any repair happens then the repairing can be a bit on the higher side and the birds can become a nuisance if encouraged. But the traditional steel roof can provide an area with generation of shade and protection. Fabric canopy shade structures are highly popular because these are more affordable and the design is much catchier. There are three different designs primarily in the market. 
  • Stretched-fabric canopy
  • Nylon-tension-cable design
  • Next generation nylon tension cable design 

Stretched Fabric Canopy 

Stretched fabric canopy has been around in the market for quite some time but it does not go well in terms of dealing with weather and sun damage. This design’s life span is around 2 to 3 years and by that time it had to be replaced because of safety issues. This is not used in the market for new projects as popularly as before. 

Nylon tension Cable Design 

The nylon tension cable design is also catching trend where a stronger nylon fabric is stretched over a powder coated steel skeleton which is anchored into the place with cables, and nuts and bolts. These are good but the disadvantage is that the cable will wear away at the nylon fabric and powder coated steel. This makes the durability a bit low. This has also been a bit difficult to dismantle. The ability of this shade structure to handle extreme winds and heavy weather is also a bit doubtful. 

The third option is similar to nylon tension cable design but it has the next generation of shade structures. In this design the earlier problem has been rectified.  This design is more durable and is user friendly at the same time. It has a glide elbow which is specially designed corner piece where the fabric is woven around. It provides total protection from UV rays and has the ability to repel water to a certain extent. The product comes with a 10 year warranty and it is also considered to be one of the best choices for commercial shade structures which keep you cool for an affordable price. After all, the duty of shade structure is to protect you from the harsh glare and heat of the sun. It is meant to provide a shade or protection where you can sit and have fun outdoors by forgetting about the heat of the sun. 

A shade structure has to provide a feeling of a home without walls and just with the roofing. To know more details then visit here
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