The Growing Interest in Flooring Accessories for your home

If you are looking to have flooring accessories installed in your house, then there are certain things that you need to look out for. Acoustic flooring is primarily used in domestic homes as a part of renovation or the new build projects. In few countries it is a legal necessity and a part of the building regulations, so as to meet certain regulations about noise emissions and the length to which noise travels. Other than allowing everyone to reduce the noise levels like TV, footsteps and voices, a sound insulating floor can also be used for home cinemas and rooms that are used for practicing music. 

What is the Motive of these Flooring Accessories? 
The main goal of acoustic noise reduction flooring in a building is to reduce the sound and affect its transmission between the floors and the rooms. It is important to soundproof a house for a quieter environment as it takes care of the convenience of the residents. The flooring systems are created to insulate and also prevent the transmission of airborne and impact noise through concrete, masonry and timber structures. They fulfill the requirements of the government bodies.

Flooring Accessories 
You can install the flooring accessories in various environments such as new build, refurbishment, and all kinds of dwellings such as the terraced or semi-detached housings, apartments, flats, nursing homes, hotels and hostels. Before taking any step further, you need to understand the type of noise that you are trying to reduce. Primarily these noises fall in 3 categories as mentioned below: 
  • Airborne sound  : Produced by music, TV or through talking
  • Impact sound    : Comes when things bang against others like the drums, slamming doors or a vibrating washing machine
  • Flanking sound : When the noise is transmitted through floors or walls despite them not being loud 
Floating Acoustic Flooring 
These are mix structural boards with the overlay boards. It can be used on timber or concrete or directly on timber joists, and it also offers an excellent surface for applying the concluding floor finish. 

Cradles and Flooring Battens 
The resilient flooring accessories such as cradles and battens allow the creation of service gaps for reducing the effect of sound transfer between the wall bars, ceiling and floors. These offer amazing acoustic performance by decoupling the ceiling from the existent joists and considerably reducing the transmission of the airborne sound. 

Flooring Accessories 
In order to make sure that the sound reducing flooring performs according to your expectations, you need to wisely choose from the various accessories to make sure that your flooring is appropriately fixed. Such accessories include panel adhesive, flanking strips, fixing isolators to use at the thresholds of doors, access hatches, stair treads, joist strips and perimeter sealing.

Things to Look for in Flooring Provider 
While choosing a provider of these flooring accessories, make sure that you look for a company that has the relevant experience in the design and manufacturing of acoustic floors. You can ask for a list of their client testimonials to make sure that the company has the credentials to perform the project according to your satisfaction. 

Before choosing a company for your project, make sure that the company is completely registered and regulated by the relevant authorities. Their work should also comply with the required building regulations. Mostly, the authorities are concerned with the aspect of noise. 

So, you know the legal implications about not having soundproof flooring accessories. By having acoustic floors, you can enjoy various kinds of sound efficient benefits that these floors can bring. If you are into building design, refurbishment or construction, it’s about time you considered acoustic flooring. 

Hope this guide will help you to in installing flooring accessories!!! 

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