Make Your Home Look Stunning with Brilliant Steel Balustrading Designs

For those essential elements of homes, stairways accentuate the overall décor when chosen wisely. Over the years, the styles of stairways have changed and adapted to modern tastes, but their essential elegance and class remain. While the design and style of your staircase are important, the balustrades you choose can make or break your overall theme. Are you confused about which balustrade will go well with your home’s interiors? Or are you looking for balustrades that are sleek, sophisticated and stunning? Well, if you’ve answered in the affirmative to these questions, steel balustrade may be the perfect option for you. 
Steel BalustradingSteel Balustrading
Why Steel Balustrades?
Apart from its obvious aesthetic appeal, steel is highly resistant to corrosion and requires a negligible maintenance. Making it the perfect option for stairways that need to look great but where you don’t have much time for its upkeep. Stainless steel can last for years and will look just as good in the ages. However, choose a marine grade or premium grade metal for installing your balustrade outdoors. The higher-grade materials give greater durability and quality compared to regular counterparts.

Design Options
With many designs and options of stainless steel balustrades available in the market these days, there is no dearth of choices. Pick yours from the variations and you can transform your home to next level. Ranging from indoor to outdoor use, ample of options is there for steel balustrades. Give your home décor whole new definition be it inside or outside. 

  1. Regular Balustrades: These steel balustrades are ideal for stairs where you just need convenient handrails and can be used with glass, wood or metal. Easy to install and minimalist. Your regular steel balustrades are among the most common options you have today. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You can opt from either plain handrails or include decorative inserts. 
  1. Combination Balustrades: Oftentimes, steel balustrades alone may not give your home the effect that you desire for. Pairing it off with glass or wood, though, can complete that look. When used with wood, the wood is primarily used as the main handrail, while with glass; the steel is used as the handrail. A third combination of wood, glass and steel can be the ultimate choice here. These balustrades usually have wood handrails with steel standoffs that hold toughened glass. 
  1. Curved Spine: Do you want to try something different? Try out curved spine balustrading. Ideal for a stairway that takes you up to an elegant balcony, this design is quite a challenge and the result is amazing. The steel spine is rolled to the shape of the stair and beautifully finished. Gradually curving to the top of the stairway to the balcony and then delicately curving to create a beautiful sitting area, the curved spine is a must if you want to add a touch of elegance to your home.

As with most projects, installing your steel balustrading needs a professional, depending on the extent of balustrading that you require. If you’re handling a complete home renovation or a new construction, you need to make sure that your balustrades are sturdy and properly installed or you may end up spending extra down the line. Choosing a qualified and reputed professional for the job will save you much trouble down the line and will make your home look amazing with elegant, sophisticated, stylish and durable steel balustrades.
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