How to Replace Your Home Garage Door Spring?

Garage Door Spring Replacement 
Garage is a very important part of your property. Each and every family has its own garage area to park the vehicles. The vehicles are secured when properly parked in the garage. Thus garage ensure the security and safety of the vehicles. In order to ensure the safety of garage, garage doors are installed. The doors of garage is opened and closed with the help of spring. The spring of the door manages the weight of the door which is more than 300 pounds. The spring makes the weight of door neutral. Garage door spring is more prone to damage and break due to weather conditions. If in the case, the spring of the garage door is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement
Need of Professional to Replace Garage Door :
Replacement of garage door spring is very tough and dangerous as well. One must seek the help of professional for the replacement and installation of garage door spring as it is very tedious task. If in the case, you are not in contact with the technician, and want to do the job of spring replacement by own, then one should be very much aware of the parts and components of the spring. Having knowledge of spring components is not enough, it is very important to know the handling procedure of the spring.    

Types of Garage Door Springs: 
There can be two types of garage door spring. These are extension spring and torsion spring. Extension springs are found to be installed in pairs and these lift the garage door by extending and stretching. Mounted perpendicularly to the corners of the garage doors, these springs tend to work with the tension of the garage door when closed. Torsion springs are mounted on top of the garage door. Whether or not both the springs break at the same time, it is important that you replace both at one go. It is highly advisable to change all the springs of the door because if the one breaks due to some weather changes, then other are also prone to damage. 

Replacement Procedures of the Springs: 
After finishing the discovery related to type of springs, the next step is replacement of the spring. You can replace the side-mounted spring easily without any professional help but torsion springs are best to be handled professionally.    

The Steps to be followed carefully for Replacement of Spring are as follows: 
  1. Garage door springs hold huge amount of tension and remain attached to the cables lifting the door. If not handled properly, this tension can lead to major injury or damage.
  2. The door has to be opened securing it and has to be help in the clamps or the grips. When the door gets secured, major amount of tension gets released from the cables and the springs.  
When the garage door is secured, you can replace the springs with garage door replacement spring. For the installation of a new spring, you have to secure the eye bolt to the hanger of the track. When the eye bolt gets secured, the spring’s other end has to be attached to the pulley in front. With a nut and a bolt the clip then has to be secured to the pulley. The bolt then has to be secured to the track flag. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement

The most important thing with garage door spring replacement is that both the springs should be replaced at the same time. If one feels very much confident and responsible regarding this job, then utmost care should be taken off. The entire process has to be handled with great care. Garage door spring getting broken is a common thing and can happen to anyone. But when you have to handle the garage door spring replacement you should be extra careful. 

If you feel even a little less confident in doing this garage door replacement spring, never hesitate please just visit us, after all, this job should ideally be done by a professional. 
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