Engineered Wood Veneer Makes the Floors Gorgeous and Prevents Moisture

What is Engineered Wood Veneer? 
Engineered veneer is a kind of decorative material that is specially engineered. The engineered veneer is made up of a heat insulation and isolation. The engineered veneer is technically built with high quality wooden veneer so that the temperature can be adjusted and prevented from the mites that can damage the floor. The engineered veneer can be made up of various colors and different scheme according to the client’s needs.  The physical structure and the inner structure of the engineered veneer are far better than the natural veneer and as an addition the fireproof and the density is better than all the other materials. This type of veneer saves the expenditure on built-up beautification and prevents the dilemma of tricky and unattainable link resulting from quality and color of normal wood. This can offer numerous facilities and conveniences. 
Comparison with the Natural Veneer: 
  • Richer colors and various structures are the main benefits of having the engineered veneer for the floor. It is possible to give the color of the natural wood to the engineered veneer so that it would look exactly like the normal wood. There will be no difference and the client will be content by seeing the natural color and texture on the artificial veneer that comes with a better durability.
  • The engineered veneers comes with properties of less shortages and with new and improved qualities that will make the client more and more pleased. All the difficulties that natural wood has are avoided with technology and close observation.
  • A comprehensive usage speed of manufacture and completed merchandise. According to the requirements of the clients, it is likely to make in various sizes that can beat the restraint from the diameter of the natural veneer.
  • Engineered veneer has an easy processing with the same material with proper density and with a better slicing property that makes the process even simpler.
Benefits of the Engineered Woods: 
The engineered ones are far better options in the market than the types that are manufactured with the same color and texture and with the same lame kind of durability. The engineered ones comes with the same features as the natural ones and still provides the options that make it the most appropriate type of wood veneer in the market. They are also good for the environment as they make the most use of the woods and give a no waste ratio to the manufacturer. The manufacturing process can be done with the simplest type of goods and material. 

Wood veneer from the engineered log is perfect for the making of the floors, fire preventing plates for the house, furniture made from veneer, handmade decorations, wooden clump, stairs, doors, stationery items made from ornamental veneer and even the sports accessories. 

 Why customized veneer has such a broad variety of applications? It is mostly because, it is formed mechanically and speeds up the process and simplifies the veneer manufacture to great extent. Each square foot of customized wooden log has length and width set by a common global plan for the ornamental wood. Such log can be easily sliced into veneer and can be cut to form a plate or full blocks of wood with unusual and exceptional properties. The benefits of the engineered woods are mostly because of the logs that are specially made up of specially manufactured logs which come with a heat resistant property that gives the flooring an improved structure and make the whole process easier and cheaper. So the clients can enjoy high quality flooring in a price of normal plywood flooring with the features of normal wood.

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